Thursday, June 11, 2009

Springtime on the Prairie

Recently, waves of bold thunderstorms have crossed the Oklahoma’s prairie anointing the winter parched earth with much needed rains. Unfortunately, the timing of these spring storms have been either too late for the ranchers, or in time to disturb the wheat harvesting. And yet, happily the lakes are now brimming, the waving prairie grasses are green, the brightly colored wildflowers are abundant and, for the time being, the prairie and its animals are no longer thirsting for water. All is verdant and lush, the birds are singing and new animal babies are frolicking for the fun of it. It’s a great deal more appealing than anticipating the prairie fires, which may occur in the drier months ahead.

Visually for the artist in me, this new season is a joy to witness particularly since I spent much of the late winter finishing my newest work, Firestorm. I have been focused on the power, the heat, and total devastation of a forest fire, its impact on frantic animals seeking refuge in a lake, and trying to recreate with fabric a pictorial representation of it all.
Firestorm, 51" w × 61" l
©Carol Ann Sinnreich, 2009