Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Alliance for American Quilts

This past week I was honored to be interviewed for the project called, "S.O.S.–Save Our Stories: The Alliance for American Quilts. I was interviewed by Karen Musgrave who asked me to share a photo of my quilt, Prairie Thunder, for the archives, and to discuss my work: what inspires me, what is my creative process for making my textile artwork, how did I become interested in quilts and other personal insights. I was also asked to provide my views on other quilt-related topics, such as the meaning of quiltmaking in women's history.

Prairie Thunder, 67" x 54" (in a private collection)

Knowing that I am one among 1,000 participants-to-date in this program, I was highly complimented by the invitation and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. To realize that my words and my voice have been archived for use by people conducting research, and I suppose, by those who may be curious, is a humbling thought. I am grateful.