Thursday, September 24, 2009


With the swing of the weathervane, the recent winds have been coming from the North, which means cooler temperatures. These refreshing temperatures have fired up my energy for tackling the laundry list of ideas I have been accumulating all summer. I’ve completed a series of small works and will post them another day.

Today, however, I am very excited anticipating the International Quilt Festival in Houston next month. I have received the magic phone call telling me that Firestorm has received an award, but I won’t know the details until October 13th.

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Road Trips

Lately, I have been on the road providing lectures and workshops to quilting guilds. It’s an activity I truly enjoy because I get to connect with quilters of all age groups, level of expertise, and favored style of quiltmaking. It never fails to inspire me to associate with people who love to play with fabric to create wonderful textile art and are willing to share most everything with one another. I always learn so much from other quilters and am grateful for being able to meet each and every one.

As a reward for getting through this summer heat, I’ll jump in my car again and drive to Santa Fe for my annual renewal of creative zing that only the rarefied air of New Mexico’s capital can provide. I always find great subject matter for my quilted art, such as, Santa Fe, #304.