Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden Influences

There’s a full moon now but like the summer days it will soon begin to wane, although the high heat remains unrelenting. I don’t believe I can fault the full moon for my lack of energetic activity in my studio, but I am able to blame my inertia to the depressing heat, 101° F. today.

It doesn’t really matter for there will be a ‘dance of the moonflowers’ in my garden tonight. I noticed the two bushes are once more loaded with buds that are promising to pop open after dark to fill the air with wonderful scent. The full moon will spotlight the blooms. It’s always a fun little festival when this occurs.

I understand why this flower was among Georgia O’Keeffe’s favorites. It’s just a wild weed, but the plants provide endless pleasure and have inspired one of my favorite wall hangings.
Moonflowers at Midnight
42" × 35 " ©Carol Ann Sinnreich